The repertoire

Important :

  • The Competition is divided into three rounds: preliminary, semifinal and final. The candidate cannot perform the same work in two different rounds.
  • We ask candidates to focus their attention on the composition and balance of their program, as this should highlight their artistic and technical merits as well as present works of different periods or esthetics.
  • For the preliminary round, each candidate is required to sing in at least two languages.
  • For the semifinal and final rounds, each candidate is required to sing in at least three languages and at least one work in each of these rounds must be in French.
  • Opera arias must be performed in their original key and language.
  • The Canadian work must not include any electrnic support such as a sound track or artificial sound effects.
  • The program for the First Prize winner’s concert with the OSM will be determined by the OSM administration in collaboration with the winner and will be drawn from the repertoire presented in the final round by the candidate.


1- Bach or Handel: one aria of the candidate’s choice

2- One French mélodie or German lied

3- One opera aria

SEMIFINAL (minimum duration 25 min. / maximum duration 40 min.)

1- Mozart: one concert or opera aria

2- A cycle or part of a cycle (mélodie, lieder, art songs, etc.) in the original language by the same composer.

3- One opera aria

4- One canadian work of the candidate’s choice (composed after 1980)

FINAL (minimum duration 25 min. / maximum duration 40 min.)

1- One aria from a sacred work (mass, cantata, oratorio, etc.)

2- Two opera arias from different styles/period

3- One work or excerpt of a work from the vocal repertoire with orchestra