• The Competition is open to all Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Status documents, valid for the duration of the competition, are required to be eligible for the semi-final and final rounds.
  • The Competition is not open to winners of a Grand Prize or First Prize from a previous edition of the OSM Competition. 
  • By registering, candidates agree to abide by all the conditions of the Competition and the decisions made by the committee and the jury, which will be final and without appeal. 
  • The Competition is not open to Orchestre symphonique de Montréal musicians. 
  • Throughout the Competition, any direct or indirect contact between a candidate and jury members is prohibited. 
  • Candidates who fail to comply with any of the Competition’s regulations are subject to disqualification without appeal. 


[Horn, trumpet, tenor trombone, bass trombone, tuba]: Ages 16 to 25 as of the Final of the Competition

Ages 16 to 25 as of the Final of the Competition

Violin, viola, cello: Ages 16 to 25 as of the Final of the Competition
Double bass: Ages 16 to 30 as of the Final of the Competition

Ages 16 to 30 as of the Final of the Competition

[Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, alto saxophone]: Ages 16 to 25 as of the Final of the Competition


The Competition comprises three rounds: preliminary, semifinal and final. In the final round, candidates will be accompanied by the OSM. 


  • Candidates may not perform the same work in two different rounds. 
  • For the semifinal and final rounds, performance order will be determined by random draw. 
  • Repeats are optional as long as candidates respect usual performance practices. 
  • Candidates must respect the allotted time for each round in all circumstances. 
  • A performance may be interrupted at the discretion of the jury.
  • All semifinal and final rounds will be performed in front of an audience.


  • Recordings that include orchestral accompaniment are not permitted. 
  • It is allowed to record in separate takes the various works required, but the recording of each work must be made without editing between movements or parts of the same work.
  • Each take must be filmed with a single fixed camera (horizontally if filmed with a phone or tablet) and the musician must take up as much space as possible in the image. The candidate’s face, upper body and hands must be visible at all times.


  • Candidates may modify their program or the order of works provided they notify the Competition before October 2, 2024. 
  • Excerpts from works in accordance with standard performance practice, such as movements, are allowed in certain cases. However, a request must be submitted to the Competition for pre-approval. 
  • Two works must be memorized in the semifinal round. 
  • Semifinalists may exit the stage only once during this round. The maximum permitted time for the round includes entrances and exits as well as time between pieces.
  • Semifinalists must provide the jury with seven (7) bound copies of their solo parts only. Music must be printed on both sides, bound or placed in a binder in order of performance with dividers separating rounds. Paper clips and staples are not allowed. Titles must be clearly visible and music cannot have any personal notes on it.


  • In July 2024, when semifinalists are announced, the candidates’ chosen concertante piece for the final round must be disclosed to the Competition. Their choice cannot be subsequently changed.
  • The concertante work for the final round must be performed from memory.


  • Requests to have an official pianist assigned by the Competition must be made at the time of application. This request may be made or modified up until September 1, 2024. 
  • The Competition will choose and assign the official pianist.  
  • Each pianist will provide a total of two (2) hours of rehearsal per semifinalist, in addition to accompaniment during the semifinal performance. 
  • Any extra rehearsal time will be at the candidate’s expense and may be arranged directly with the pianist.


  • Candidates are free to perform with their own accompanist, at their own expense. 
  • A rehearsal room with piano will be made available to candidates for the same number of hours, whether they arrive with a personal pianist or make use of the services of an official Competition pianist.


  • Semifinalists will each receive a $1,000 Air Canada gift card to cover their transportation or use at their discretion. 
  • Candidates must cover their own accommodation; the Competition does not cover, nor reimburse, these costs. 
  • Candidates agree to be free from all professional and academic commitments, other than Competition events, for the duration of the Competition, that is, from November 4 to 9, 2024 inclusively. 
  • Semifinalists must be present for the Competition launch, the announcement of the finalists and the awards ceremony. 
  • Semi-formal dress is required for all official Competition events as well as for all performances in front of an audience.


  • The jury reserves the right not to award a prize. 
  • The jury will determine the winners for various prizes. Their decision is final and cannot be appealed. 
  • The OSM Competition reserves the right to modify the body of the rules at any time and without notice.