*The OSM Competition reserves the right to change the text of the rules as it deems fit and without notice.


  • The Competition is open to all Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • The Competition is not open to winners of an OSM Grand Prize of First prize (Strings B) at an earlier edition.
  • Candidates agree, by applying, to abide by all Competition conditions as well as by the decisions of the Competition committee and jury, which will be final and without appeal.
  • Candidates who fail to respect one of the Competition rules are subject to disqualification without appeal.


  • VIOLIN : 16 to 25 years old as of Novembre 12, 2023
  • VIOLA : 16 to 25 years old as of Novembre 12, 2023
  • CELLO : 16 to 25 years old as of Novembre 12, 2023
  • DOUBLE BASS : 16 to 30 years old as of Novembre 12, 2023


The online registration will be available under the REGISTRATION tab at on March 15, 2023 and must be completed by May 23, 2023.

The following documents must be provided with the registration form:

  • The registration fee of one hundred and sixty Canadian dollars ($160 CAD), non-refundable and paid by credit card (link under the REGISTRATION tab will be available on March 15, 2023).
  • A downloadable YouTube link of the preliminary round recording. The candidate’s full name must be included in the file name.
  • The complete list of repertoire and timings of works submitted for the four rounds of the Competition (please use the template provided under the REGISTRATION tab of the website).
  • A high-resolution professional color headshot (minimum 300 DPI), approximately 15 cm X 20 cm, JPEG format. Photos taken with cellphones or webcams are not accepted.
  • A short bilingual biography (French and English, max 175 words for each language, in word format).
  • A PDF file of the scores (solo part only, without annotations) for the preliminary test (a single file containing all the works, with titles clearly visible, placed in the order of performance). Please note that your name must not appear on any of the score’s pages.

* A link for the payment of the registration fee of one hundred and sixty Canadian dollars ($160 CDN) will be available be found under the REGISTRATION tab of the website on March 15, 2023 and at the end of the registration form. It is not mandatory to pay the registration fee at the same time as sending the form, but the fee must be paid before the registration deadline for the file to be considered complete and valid.

It is not necessary to submit proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency when documents are submitted. However, contestants selected for the semifinals will be requested to do so.


  • It is allowed to record in separate takes the various works required, but the recording of each work must be made without editing between movements or parts of the same work.
  • Excerpts from works, as established through standard performance practice, are allowed in certain cases (e.g., movements). These excerpts will be submitted to the Competition Committee for approval along with the entire repertoire of each candidate.
  • Each take must be filmed with a single fixed camera (horizontally if filmed with a phone or tablet) and the musician must take up as much space as possible in the image. The candidate’s face, upper body and hands must be visible at all times.
  • The candidate must send the Competition a single downloadable YouTube video link that includes the entire program for the round. The candidate’s full name must be included in the file name.
  • It is recommended that the candidates use the highest level of human and technical resources available to submit a good quality sound recording.
  • No recordings with orchestral accompaniment will be accepted.


  • The Competition comprises four rounds: the preliminaries, semifinals, J. S. Bach special round and finals. In the final round, the candidates will be accompanied by the OSM.
  • All rounds, with the exception of the preliminary round, are open to the public.
  • The program for each round must be submitted to the Competition for approval at the time of registration.
    PLEASE NOTE: Since the preliminary round repertoire must be approved BEFORE the applicant make their recording, the approval request for this round must be sent to the Competition Committee at [email protected] no later than May 1st, 2023. The committee will render its decision within 4 to 5 business days.
  • Excerpts from works, as established through standard performance practice, are allowed in certain cases (e.g., movements). These excerpts will be submitted to the Competition Committee for approval along with the entire repertoire of each candidate.
  • A candidate may not perform the same work in two different rounds, except in the case where the candidate has performed a work by J. S. Bach in the preliminary round: the candidate will have the opportunity to perform this work again in the special J. S. Bach round if he so wishes.
  • All semifinalists must take part in the J.S. Bach special round. However, the three candidats who will be selected for the final round may decide to withdraw from this round to concentrate on the final. The results of the J.S. Bach special round will in no way influence the results of the other rounds of the Comcpetition.
  • Candidates selected for the semifinals, J. S. Bach special round and/or the finals will be assigned an order of appearance determined by drawing lots.
  • It is up to candidates whether to perform the repeats in a work, but they must take these into account in determining the timing of their program.
  • The candidate may change his or her program or the order of performance of the works for the semi-final and the J.S. Bach special round but must notify the Competition by October 2, 2023. However, the choice of the concerto for the final round must be confirmed in July when the semifinalists are notified of their selection and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Candidates must consider their performances as a recitals or a concerts and build their programs with a view to demonstrating their technical and artistic skills. They must present works from different esthetics or periods, as mentioned in the repertoire requirements. The jury will take into account each performance as a whole as well as the balanced construction of the programs.
  • Candidates may leave the stage only once during the semifinal round, while strictly respecting the maximum duration allotted to that round. Stage entrances and exits, as well as pauses between works, are included in the maximum time allowed.
  • Memorization of two works is required for the semifinal. The concertante work for the final must be performed from memory. For the J. S. Bach special round, memorization is encouraged but sheet music will be accepted.
  • A candidate’s performance may be interrupted at the discretion of the jury.
  • All semifinalists must provide the judges with bound copies of each of the scores (solo parts only) before the rounds. Seven (7) copies of the scores must be printed on both sides, bound or contained in a binder in the order of performance of the works, using dividers to separate rounds. Paper clips and staples will not be allowed, titles must be visible, and the music must be free of any personal notes.


  • Request to have an official pianist assigned by the Competition must be made at the time of application (there is a question to that effect in the registration form). The choice of an official pianist for the Competition may be communicated or modified until September 1, 2023.
  • Assigned pianists will provide three (3) hours of rehearsal to each semifinal candidate, as well as their services for the performances before the jury for the semifinal and special J.S Bach rounds (combined).
  • The choice and assignation of the official pianist is made by the Competition. An official pianist may not accompany a semifinalist on a private basis.
  • All extra rehearsal time is at the candidate’s expense and shall be arranged directly with the pianist.


  • Candidates are free to perform with their own accompanist, at their own expense. A rehearsal room with piano will be available to candidates who come with their personal pianist for the same number of hours as candidates who will be accompanied by an official Competition pianist.


The Michèle Paré Award is open to all 10 semifinalists.
The semi-finalist who wishes to be eligible for this award will have to provide a letter highlighting how he is involved in his community on an artistic level in order to promote music and make it accessible to all. In this letter, he must also explain how the Michèle Paré Award will allow him to pursue or further his future projects. For example, the candidate could highlight his participation in the development of a project that reaches out to various audiences such as children, youth, seniors, disadvantaged populations or put forward one or more artistic projects whose content addresses a current social issue.

Full details on the information and documents to be provided will be communicated to applicants when they are notified that they have been selected to go to the semi-finals at the beginning of July 2023.

Applicants will have until September 29, 2023 to submit their application.


March 15 to May 23 (23h59) Registration period
Week of July 3 Candidates will be notified if they are selected for the semi-final round
September 26 Public announcement of semi-finalists
October 2 Deadline for repertoire changes and/or order of performance for the semifinal and J.S. Bach special rounds
November 6 to 11 Presence of participants in Montreal for the Competition


  • Candidates must forfeit to the OSM all recording, broadcasting and distribution rights of any kind together with artists’ residual rights pertaining to their performances during the Competition for a period of fifty years from the dates of the performances.
  • By completing the official application form, candidates agree to subsequent use of the recording of their performances during the Competition.


  • Candidates authorize the Orchestra to use their name and photo to make such announcements, advertisements and promotions it deems appropriate. All materials shall be free of copyright.
  • Candidates agree to remain available to meet with the sponsors, partners and managers of the Competition after performances that the Orchestra deems appropriate.
  • Candidates will grant interviews to media selected by the Orchestra to promote the Competition. These media may be part of the print, radio, television or electronic press. Interviews may take place by telephone in the weeks leading up to the competition, in person during candidates’ stay in Montreal, or following the Competition.
  • Candidates agree to be briefly photographed or to participate in a short video clip filmed by the Orchestra’s public-relations team before or after their performance in the Competition.
  • Candidates agree to provide a short verbal or written testimony of their experience at the Competition and/or at Maison symphonique de Montréal after the Competition.
  • Photos, video clips, interviews or testimonies may be broadcast by the Orchestra on its various communication platforms (website, social networks, newsletter, promotional kits, and concert programs).


  • Transportation and accommodation are at the candidate’s own expense and are not covered or reimbursed by the Competition.
  • The candidate agrees to be free from all professional and academic activities other than those related to the Competition for its entire duration, i.e., from November 6 to 11, 2023, inclusively.
  • Candidates must be present for the launch of the Competition, on November 6, as well as for the announcement of the finalists on November 8 and the awards ceremony, on November 11, 2023.
  • Semi-formal dress is required for all official Competition events as well as for all performances before an audience.
  • For the entire duration of the Competition, any direct or indirect contact with the members of the jury is forbidden.
  • Winner of the First Prize agrees to mention that prize in his promotional tools (biography, website, etc.), and to ensure that that prize is mentioned in promotional documents (concert programs, website, liner notes, etc.) of eventual broadcasters and producers, for a period of five years from the awarding of the prize.


  • The jury reserves the right not to award a prize.
  • The winner of the OSM Grand Prize will be chosen by the jury, whose decision is final and without appeal.