Leland Ko


British Columbia

Leland Philip Ko (b. 1998), a cellist of Chinese-Canadian descent, is the kind of person who has always had an overflow of energy. His restlessness has led him to various callings, from competitive tennis and distance running to calligraphy and origami, but so far he’s found that making music with and for others – and the process that goes into that – are the things that best focus his mind, and that this restlessness is what gives him an almost stubborn desire to experience something with his audiences and colleagues every time he walks out on stage. Though he has chosen to dedicate himself to classical music, he does his best to remember and live by a former mentor’s advice that music is about life, not the other way around.

Final Round


SERGEI PROKOFIEV (1891-1953), Sinfonia Concertante in e minor, op. 125 (40 min)

I. Andante (11 min)
II. Allegro giusto (18 min)
III. Andante con moto – Allegretto – Allegro marcato (11 min)


Semi-final Round

ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810-1856) avec piano

Three Romances for Oboe and Piano (cello and piano version), op. 94 (12 min)

I. Nicht schnell

II. Einfach, innig

III. Nicht schnell

FRANCIS POULENC (1899-1936) avec piano

Cello Sonata, FP 143 (23 min)

I. Allegro – Tempo di Marcia

II. Cavatine

III. Ballabile

IV. Finale


Rondeau (5)

J.S. Bach Special Round


Cello Suite no. 1, BWV 1007  

BRIGHT SHENG (1955-)  

Seven Tunes Heard in China 

BACH : Cello Suite no. 1: Prelude (2 min) 

SHENG Seven Tunes: I. Seasons (1 min 5 s)  

BACH : Cello Suite no. 1: Allemande (4 min 5 s) 

SHENG Seven Tunes: V. Diu Diu Dong (2 min)  

BACH : Cello Suite no.1: Courante (2 min 5 s) 

SHENG Seven Tunes:  VI. Pastorale Ballade (4 min 5 s)  

BACH : Cello Suite no. 1 : Gigue (2’)  

SHENG Seven Tunes:  VII. Tibetan Dance (3 min 5 s )